can i help you

October 25, 2007

Target: Schlotzsky’s at 21st and Gage. Anti-help. Imagine someone asking for your order from under a pile of rubble. And squinting at your face like it was the sun. I was numer 255. The woman waiting next to me was a nurse. Butch burgundy short hair all scrunchy in the back and gelled down in front. Liza Minelli swirls. Crocs, American flag. Not enough standing room. Wondered how often food service gloves got changed. If you touch your face you need to change gloves. Same goes for touching the phone, money, your groin, can of tomatoes.


partly cloudy

October 24, 2007

I like inventing categories.
We will have many.

in the beginning

October 24, 2007

One night over dinner, Heather told Drew their waiter had B.O. Drew’s lasagna arrived frozen in the center and Heather’s romaine looked rotten around the edges. We decided to start a blog that keeps track of every meal we eat in Topeka, Kansas. Some eateries must be cheered publicly for their willingness to make things right. Others deserve a double GAH for obvious reasons. This is our story.